Dr. Stone Chapter 78 Release Date, Full Summary, Spoilers

Dr Stone Chapter 78 Spoilers

Dr. Stone’s previous chapter was arguably the best chapter that we’ve seen in the series so far. It was very important, when it comes to the Kingdom of Science, and we got to see every named character play significant roles in the victory. Now, we’re heading towards Dr. Stone Chapter 78.

Dr. Stone Chapter 78

In this post, we’ll be talking about the spoilers for the upcoming chapter. Please make sure that you continue only if you’re willing to get yourself spoiled. If you don’t want to read the spoilers, I suggest that you stop reading the post here. With that out of the way, we can get started!

Dr. Stone Chapter 78 Spoilers

First things first, Tsukasa and Senku don’t get along, and that’s obvious as to why. Tsukasa is a character who depends on controversies. We all know he won’t join the main cause as of now, but I do think that it is time for us to focus on other stuff in Dr. Stone Chapter 78.

Dr Stone Chapter 78 Release Date

We have seen enough of Tsukasa already, and frankly, the reason why I think he won’t join the cause is simple. He isn’t your average helping guy. He has killed people for bizzare reasons in the past, and Senku isn’t likely team up with a guy like him.

Tsu is definitely struggling and will need to either gain the upper hand, or abandon the base entirely. Ukyo and Senku will also have big roles in the upcoming chapter, as the whole deal related to blood transfusions may be put in the spotlight, in my opinion.

If this does happen, expect Tsu to completely flip out! Dr. Stone may be close to ending now, but the next chapter is not going to be its end. There are multiple people who are reporting that Dr. Stone is ending with Chapter 78, but it isn’t true. The climax to this arc was so great that some people actually started worrying about this being the end.

Dr. Stone Chapter 78 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 78 will be out later this week. The manga isn’t on any known breaks, so it will come out in the next issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, which will be out officially on Monday, 15 October 2018.

The scans for the chapter will be out by 13 October. Please make sure that you support the official release, even if you read the scanlation. That’s all that we know about Dr. Stone Chapter 78. I’ll see you guys in another post very soon.

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