In the recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, new details about the movie One Piece Stampede were revealed. The most major detail was about the antagonist known as Douglas Bullet. We already knew that he has been a memory stick f Roger Pirates but now it has also been revealed that he is a former member of Marines. He had left the service of World Government after some incident and joined up with Roger Pirates.

Also, after a certain time, he had been captured by the World Government and imprisoned at Impel Down. Now, somehow he has escaped Impel Down and is at the great pirate festival to take part in it. Not only his history but also his devil fruit ability has also been unveiled. He is a paramecia type devil fruit user, his devil fruit is known as Gasha Gasha no Mi. The meaning of this name is “Sound of Metal Clanking”.

Using this devil fruit he is able to create new things by combining inanimate objects. He is said to be able to make robots and submarines mostly. This means that this guy doesn’t even need a ship to travel nor he needs an army as he can make both using his devil fruit in an instant. Gasha means pieces of metal, mostly Douglas Bullet will be able to combine pieces of metal to make robots and other things like armour for himself.

Gasha Gasha no Mi

This power is similar to Eustass Kid’s devil fruit ability but Kid has the ability to control magnetic forces but seemingly Douglas can just assemble mostly metallic objects and make huge robots and other things.

Thus, these new details about One Piece Stampede have made the hype surrounding it grow even further. On top of that Douglas Bullet is one of the rare users of King’s Haki. We saw it in the teaser trailer how Douglas Bullet and Monkey D Luffy went head to head against each other and King’s Haki was on display from both the characters. It is safe to say that Douglas Bullet is going to be a very hard man to beat up.

He might be a yonko commander level character which means that we will certainly be able to witness an epic battle between the two. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Douglas Bullet’s devil fruit ability. I certainly like this new devil fruit known as Gasha Gasha no Mi. One Piece Stampede will be released on 09 August 2019.


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