All 5 Division Commanders Of The Allied Shinobi Forces

The Allied Shinobi Forces were formed to stop the Rebirth of the Ten-Tails and to stop Obito Uchiha. They consisted of Shinobi from all Five Great Countries. The Battle Regiment of the Allied Shinobi Forces was under 5 Division Commanders.
Here are all 5 Division Commanders of the Allied Shinobi Forces.
5. 5th Division Commander: Mifune
Division Commanders
The Fifth Division was also known as the Special Division. Mifune was the leader of this unit. This Division mostly consisted of Samurai, and all those Shinobi who could use hiden techniques.

Their role was to provide support to any unit which was having a hard time. Mifune helped in providing assistance to Kankuro’s Surprise-attack divison against Kimimaro, Hanzo and Chiyo.



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