It’s High time we account for the Dimensions in the Narutoverse. Today Guys we have brought an exclusive article and a possible theory(???) regarding Naruto-Verse.

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Unlike many anime where multiverse is the game, Narutoverse is exploring the Higher dimensions. In fact in Boruto Episode 15 there is a mention about Space time Curvature and possible Otsutsuki law. It’s seems that Otsutsuki clans are some kind of superior species which eats/ drains Natural Energy from dimensions.(Especially dimensions having  curvature value more than ten). Also it seems our dimension has curvature of sixteen.(Exceptional even for Otsutsuki standards, As seen from Momoshiki’s Greedy expression).

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It seems Kaguya broke an intricate Otsutsuki law by trying to harvest the dimension without notifying the clan. Momoshiki questions Kaguya’s motivation for her betrayal or perhaps even foresees her demise? well we do know that Kaguya did turn her back on the clan. She even prepares for upcoming Otsutsuki but the question is why she turns her back on the clan? Is it love? Perhaps Boruto Manga would shine light on this area. It seems dimensions with higher Curvature might have inherent risk. They might have some enhance humans like Naruto and Sasuke in our dimension.(Humans having some knowledge about this harvest of Natural Energy. This energy might have been in use to empower individuals like Ten-Tails Jinchurikis and Tenseigan Bearers ). Perhaps this might be the major reason why the clan even has such rulings? And for these reasons all previous Otsutsuki members fail in harvesting process?

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We are gonna analyse the dimensions present as well as speculate their origins and possibilities in the near future. First In the Article we shall explore all the dimensions shown till now before going on further too finer details. Things at first might seem little bit monotonous and random but soon you will see the importance of these dimensions. We shall also discuss possible reference to mythology if possible. So enjoy this article, a first of its kind.

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Pure Land or Jōdo is the place where the souls of earthly beings generally reside in death. Souls residing in this Dimension may be in use for Impure World Reincarnation or Edo Tensei. There is an important mention about recollection of memories of this dimension. No one seems to recall about time spent in this dimension. Also their is no distinction between good or bad its just a final resting place.

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Also it seems there is an intermediary between the after life and the living realm. This realm is purgatory. This is where Kakashi’s father Sakumo and Rin waits for their loved ones. Kakashi meets up with his father when he reaches this place while after dying in the fight against Pain. Whereas Obito meets with her briefly before going back to help Kakashi in fight against Kaguya. Chakra connects these two plane of existence.

Kaguya’s Dimensions

Kaguya's Dimensions
Kaguya’s Dimensions

Kaguya Otsutsuki has in total 6 dimension which she can access instantly via her Rinne-Sharingan(Teleportation).(the 5 dimension plus the Genesis dimension which acts like a gateway to others). These might be the dimensions which she already harvested before coming to the Earth. These dimensions are extremely far away and it takes Obito and Sakura’s Strength of 100 Seals to even attempt opening them from the Genesis Dimension. Even than Obito barely opens portals to these world unlike Kaguya who can instantly change it though it’s little harsh for her reserves.

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Kamui Dimension

Kamui's dimension

Kamui is the exclusive ability of specific Mangeykyou Sharingan user Uchiha Obito who gets this ability on witnessing his lover’s death at the hands of His best friend. It is actually teleportation ability with an access to an exclusive realm where obito stores his supplies and other things. No one can access this realm since Kaguya destroys every particle of his body with her destructive technique. Making any attempt to access the domain impossible.

Momoshiki’s Dimension

Momoshiki's Dimensions

This is the dimension where Momoshiki is harvesting his food source. His dimensions has several Chakra fruit Trees. Whilst Momoshiki lazily proclaims how finally they got enough harvest. Just look at the number of Trees. It’s highly shuddering to think about number of living creatures dying to create this number of trees. Kaguya became this strong by eating single Chakra fruit. It’s frightening to think how strong this guy might be. Perhaps the Anime is gonna show different conclusion to the fight?

Possible Otsutsuki Clan’s dimension

Well this one is rather most obvious to everyone. In fact everyone is waiting to know more about the Otsutsuki and their back story. What are their origins? Why do they consume each other? What is their actual role as “Gods”? Who is their leader and where is their home dimensions and so on. This will appear in future manga till than we all must wait patiently.

Nue’s Dimension

Nue's Dimensions

This dimension is first of its kind. Somehow Danzo gains access to this dimension without any dojutsu and just by pure research. (it is actually his Foundation team but nevertheless one must credit him at least for the leadership). Nue’s dimension is fundamentally extremely close and has connections to Kaguya’s dimension. In fact it might actually be some kind of visual representation of the maze of Forrest through which Otsutsuki meander to search for possible candidates. Their Teleportation Tears are the bread crumbs left behind for other members of clan to follow just like an Ant colony. What makes this more interesting is the fact that there are several trees around and by stabbing particular Tree Boruto reenters our dimension. It might be the nexuses of all realities, point from where one can go to other dimension.

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Ninja World

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This is the famous dimension every villain is after. The high curvature value (16) makes every Otsutsuki greedy enough to take it despite the rulings of the clan. This is where our protagonist from both story live and protect from these self made “Gods”. All the story till now has happen on this plain of existence and will continue to happen even in the future. The above map shows the various lands mass on this world.


Take a look after recounting all the known dimensions. You would realize that we might be dealing with Norse Mythology. The Main Members of the clan might have some kind of monopoly on Garden of the Golden Apples like in Norse Myths while others might be forced to seek the fruit from other Dimensions. In fact this whole concept of Eating Apple/Fruit (or the God Tree) to retain the youth is from the Norse Mythology.

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Clearly the Otsutsuki dimension is the counterpart of Asgard with six dimensions of Kaguya being all around her garden-Mid Guard. In fact most of the dimensions are likely the actual copy of the original Norse realms. Check out the Land of Ice and Fire, they clearly correspond to Kaguya’s dimension. While Jotunheim is land of giants its evident that the gravity might be greater because of large size of the locals. This is why perhaps she has the high gravity dimension. Pure Land too correspond to the Helheim. Kamui and Nue’s dimension are likely a pocket dimension probably some kind of island or leaf from the tree of life. While no conclusion can be made on Momoshiki’s planet because of lack of data i am betting that it too would fit into the Tree of Life.Image result for Otsutsuki branch family

Few things which don’t fix in yet are the presence of few animals in the tree of life. While its unclear what vulture, snake etc might do in the story. Also we are unclear about roles of the well and other such imagery. While i don’t expect everything from Norse Myths to appear the basics are definitely there. Also the Sun and Moon are actually the Branch family of the clan. Again it’s unclear what this entails but it does seems to fit the picture somehow. I hope you all enjoyed this article. Thank you all for reading it.

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