The Devil Fruit Awakening Of Luffy And Strawhat Pirates

And finally, Tony Tony Chopper
Tony Tony Chopper joined the Strawhats at Drum Island. He was revealed to be an animal who had actually been lucky enough to eat the Hito Hito no Mi, turning him into a human. What are the odds?
Monkey D. Luffy
Well, Oda does work in mysterious ways. This Devil Fruit gives him the ability to turn into various forms, all of which aren’t even human. His most deadly form so far remains to be the Monster Point, which he has mastered over the Timeskip m Many believe that the monster point is Chopper’s awakening.

However, I beg to differ. I believe Chopper’s awakening will be totally different. Instead of being the monster point, it will be an upgrade to the monster point. Yes, since Zoan awakenings boost general skis, and increase recovery rate, I believe it will be just that for Chopper. However, his size, powers, and skills will improve considerably. Yes, I have to admit, his awakening is the most boring of the 4. But his DF sucks anyway.
awakened Devil Fruits
So that’s my theory about Devil Fruit, and the awakening of the Strawhats. I hope you liked it. You can leave your own views below in the comments section, and I’ll see you guys very soon!

Are you guys excited to the Devil Fruit awakening of the Strawhat Pirates?

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