The Devil Fruit Awakening Of Luffy And Strawhat Pirates

Nico Robin
Nico Robin joined up with the Strawhats at Alabasta. She was revealed to have eaten the Hana Hana no Mi, which gave her the ability to produce any of her body part from anywhere in the vicinity.

She was revealed to be very strong at first, but with time, her abilities were not so focused on, so she lost a little bit of importance. But, that’s really not important. What we’re looking for is the awakening. Of course, I believe Nico Robin will definitely awaken her Devil Fruit as well.

So, what will her ability be? This is definitely harder than the rest, but I believe Nico Robin’s awakening will give her an amazing power. So far, Robin has only showed the ability to produce parts of her body at will. After her awakened form, she will be able to produce anything from the area anywhere.
Strawhats devil Fruit
Meaning, she will no longer be able to produce just body parts. She can produce anything she has nearby, and use it in any way she wants to. This will definitely be a huge power boost for Robin, as she has been one of the most underwhelming characters after the Timeskip. Nonetheless, if she awakens her DF, she’ll be very strong.
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