The Devil Fruit Awakening Of Luffy And Strawhat Pirates

Next is one of my most favourite characters, and definitely an underrated one, “Dead Bones” Brook. Brook is a user of a hell of a Devil Fruit, the Yomi Yomi no Mi. This Devil Fruit allows its user to return back to life, after death.

After the Timeskip, Brook has also shown the ability to use music to control the souls of his enemies. He can also use techniques related to the underworld. At Whole Cake Island, Brook was able to manipulate the souls of every homie that Big Mom created, apart from Zeus and Prometheus.

In time, I believe Brook will definitely be able to awaken his Devil Fruit. So what will Brook’s awakening be?
I believe it will, first of all, make him exceptionally strong. Brook will be able to control the souls in his environment, meaning he will be able to freely drain people of their energy, or even revive a dying person by using the drained energy.
devil Fruit awakening
It may sound so overpowered, but I do believe there will be some limitations. Brook’s skill set needs to be better, and I think he will have to improve a lot. But, once he awakens his Devil Fruit, he’ll be a formidable opponent.
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