The Devil Fruit Awakening Of Luffy And Strawhat Pirates


Devil Fruit Awakening were introduced to use way back at Impel Down. It was there when we saw an awakened creature for the first time. As explained by Crocodile, the Zoans at Impel Down were awakened, meaning they were stronger, faster, and had a very high recovery rate as compared to other Zoans. That’s how Devil Fruit awakening affects the Zoan creatures. There are many Zoan we may see in the future with awakened Devil Fruits. Off the top of my head, I’d say atleast all the top of officials of Kaidou’s crew, including Kaido himself, are awakened Zoans.

We were properly introduced to Awakening at Dressrosa, where Doflamingo showed Luffy how each Devil Fruit can be awakened by training them beyond their capabilities. According to Luffy himself, Doflamingo’s power was on a whole new level after he displayed Devil Fruit awakening.
This opens up a plethora of ideas for awakening. There are so many strong people who could have awakened Devil Fruits, and now, we’d love to see their powers. But of course, we won’t see them as of yet. Most importantly, how would our Strawhats fare when it comes to Devil Fruit Awakening? In the end, the Strawhats are going to be the mightiest Pirate Crew. So, I believe they will need to awaken their Devil Fruits at the every least. So far, the Strawhats have 4 Devil Fruit users. In this theory, I’ll explain what each of their awakenings will be.
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