Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back with yet another post regarding One Piece universe. In this post, I’ll be discussing how a devil fruit can be awakened in the One Piece universe. We have seen just seen a couple of devil fruits that have been awakened by their users in detail. So, let’s see what awakening is and how can a devil fruit be awakened in One Piece universe.

Let’s begin this post regarding how can a devil fruit be awakened in One Piece universe

And awakened devil fruit simply means unlocking the full potential of a devil fruit or one can say unlocking the master control of the devil fruit.
awaken devil fruit
We were properly introduced to Awakening at Dressrosa, where Doflamingo told Luffy how each Devil Fruit can be awakened by training them beyond their capabilities. According to Luffy himself, Doflamingo’s power was on a whole new level after he displayed Devil Fruit awakening. This opens up a world of ideas for awakening.

There are so many strong people who could have awakened Devil Fruits. Also, we saw that Charlotte Katakuri has also awakened his devil fruit.
Awakened devil fruit
It seems that after awakening one’s devil fruit the user is able to even manipulate the ground or Earth at will with their devil fruit ability. So, how is a devil fruit user able to awaken his ability in the first place?

It is known that devil fruits have the souls of devils in them which make them special fruits.
how to awaken devil fruits
And after one consumes these devil fruits the souls of the fruit gets transferred to the user and thus all devil fruit users have some sort of devil’s soul inside them. Awakening this soul could be the key to awakening the devil fruit. Now, first of all, Donquixote Doflamingo himself said that one can awaken the devil fruit when he uses, and trains the abilities of his devil fruits beyond the usual limits of a human.

Now, if we just examine this statement, what will normally happen to someone who uses his devil fruit beyond its limits?
Katakuri Awakened devil fruit
First and foremost, it is being too reckless. It could result in a user being in an incapacitated state, meaning in a near death state or some might even die.

Now, let’s just recapitulate what Crocodile said in Impel Down about the Zoan type awakened devil fruit users that we saw. They kept on coming back to attack them even when they were beaten so badly.
Charlotte Katakuri
They were in an incapacitated state and their mind seemed to work on their own. So, here is the theory. In order to awaken the devil fruit one has to first use it beyond its limits and when a person is in near-death state or about to die, the devil’s soul which resides in the user’s body takes over and tries to save the user and kind of revive him.

And if the soul of the devil fruit is able to do that, in this process the devil’s soul awakens and thus in turn the user becomes a user of an awakened devil fruit.
awakened devil fruit
But if that is the case then why don’t all devil fruit users attempt to awaken their devil fruit? It’s simple, only those with strong enough will can survive this process.

And we know that Conqueror’s Haki users have the strongest will among all humans and this is why both Doflamingo and Charlotte Katakuri who both can use Conqueror’s Haki were able to awaken their devil fruits.
awaken devil fruit
As far as Impel Down’s zoan devil fruit users are concerned it is known that their devil fruits were awakened by artificial methods and not naturally. So, who else has a habit of pushing himself through his limits in One Piece? Monkey D Luffy certainly comes to our minds. We know that Monkey D Luffy will face Kaido in Wano country war and against Kaido he will have to surpass his limits, he will have to put in every extra ounce of effort that he can to beat Kaido.

Doesn’t this mean that he’ll have to push and use his devil fruit abilities beyond its very limits? We’ll, yeah. It is very much possible that he’ll be pushed in a near death state.
This is where his strong will to live and becoming the Pirate King will kick in and he’ll be able to awaken his Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit in the battle against Kaido. And it is very much possible that the new form that Monkey D Luffy uses against Kaido will be his gear fifth.

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