How Can A Devil Fruit Be Awakened? – Explained


Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back with yet another post regarding One Piece universe. In this post, I’ll be discussing how a devil fruit can be awakened in the One Piece universe. We have seen just seen a couple of devil fruits that have been awakened by their users in detail. So, let’s see what awakening is and how can a devil fruit be awakened in One Piece universe.

Let’s begin this post regarding how can a devil fruit be awakened in One Piece universe

And awakened devil fruit simply means unlocking the full potential of a devil fruit or one can say unlocking the master control of the devil fruit.
awaken devil fruit
We were properly introduced to Awakening at Dressrosa, where Doflamingo told Luffy how each Devil Fruit can be awakened by training them beyond their capabilities. According to Luffy himself, Doflamingo’s power was on a whole new level after he displayed Devil Fruit awakening. This opens up a world of ideas for awakening.

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