At last, the much awaited Detective Pikachu live-action has made its way to the theatres and it is safe to say that it has exceeded everyone’s expectations. After watching the movie only one word is going to come out of your mouths and that is wow.

Finally, after anime series and video games, we have seen for the first time a Pokemon live action movie. This movie seems almost flawless and it serves as a nice base for more sequels and more spinoff movies to come. It introduces the Pokemon universe in the most sublime way.

Talking about other Pokémon, tournaments, etc. The one character that stands out in the movie is obviously Pikachu and his voice actor Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds has done more than just a decent job while portraying Pikachu. He has literally brought the character of Pikachu to life with his lively voice acting. His punch lines come just at the right times when the movie seems a bit too dull.

Pikachu teams up with Tim to find out the whereabouts of his detective father who has gone missing. The visuals look stunning and the city itself looks just berserk. The CGI effects throughout the movie were just awesome and not for one moment I felt like watching a fake thing as it all seemed too damn real to me.

The story of the movie is very immersive as the viewers get caught up in the movie in the most interesting way thanks to a good storyline.

detective Pikachu Review

The movie is not dull by any means as it contains just the right amount of emotions and humorous lines to make everything lively. The only downside of the movie is that it is too focused on the main characters and neglects the side characters.

I feel that the side characters could have been used in a better way by the director and more emphasis laid on them would have just taken the movie to another level. So, this is one and the only thing that bugged me throughout the movie. As I mentioned earlier the highlight of the movie was the voice actor Ryan Reynolds and the way he has sprung every scene into life is just amazing.

It is safe to say that without Ryan Reynolds the movie could just not have been complete. I also am looking forward to the new Pokemon movies now as this one has set up a nice base for future production. So, the movie overall was just awesome.


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