Demon Tune is a recently launched manga which was launched in January of 2018. The writer of the manga is none other than Yūki Kodama who has written Blood Lad manga. This new Demon Tune manga has published just 17 chapters during the course of the year. The latest and the last chapter of the manga was released on Thursday.

First, the series was launched in Jump SQ and then they moved the series to Shonen Jump Plus. The manga’s plot is pretty simple but yet very intriguing. The story takes place in a mystic place and a wizard city. In this city, the two protagonists are waiting for us to read their story. These two are a fairy and a ninja.

The name of the fairy is Fran and the name of the ninja is Koyukimaru. The two come together to battle evil demons and other mystic species of evil. The source of all the troubles is an evil existence known as Boogieman. The young ninja boy Koyukimaru is chasing after this Boogieman and while doing so he and the Fairy Fran get to meet.

The plot of the manga really seems interesting and I really did hope that it will at the very least run for a while longer than 17 chapters. One thing that strikes the reader about this manga is that the story is very immersive and it is a really big shame it ended just in 17 chapters. The writer Yūki Kodama has written more than one famous mangas.

His vampire comedy genre Blood Lad ran from 2009 to 2016. There was also another spinoff manga from Yūki Kodama known as Bloody Brat.

Demon Tune Manga Ends

On top of that this manga also inspired a new anime that ran for 10 episodes. This anime was released in 2013. Another popular work of Yūki Kodama is Hamatora which is the joint work of Yūki Kodama and Yukinori Kitajima.

This one ran from 2013 to 2014. This manga inspired an anime series, Nintendo game and stage plays. Fourth and final compiled volume of Demon Tune will be released in June and precisely on 04 June 2019. Yūki Kodama has been one of the most talked about writers of the modern day.

Some other works of Kodama include Rairaiden which is a one-shot story, Boys Be Zombitious which also a one-shot story, Asoviva, etc. We certainly hope to get more awesome written stuff from Yūki Kodama in the near future as well. Do tell us your thoughts about Demon Tune manga ending with its 17th chapter.


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