The Death Of Kurozumi Orochi – Wano’s Dawn Explained

Wano's dawn

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking Kurozumi Orochi’s death and Wano’s dawn. In the past, we have come across this phrase and also in the recent chapters, we have come across this phase even more times. So, we’ll try to see what is the meaning of this phrase.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kurozumi Orochi’s death and Wano’s dawn

Oda seems to be mentioning the Gates of Wano on every other chapter. Miss Oden said: “You are like the moon that knows of the dawn” further she said that “where 9 shadows are cast woven together through 20 years of moonlit nights, only then you shall know of the radiance of dawn”.
Wano's dawn
Kyoshiro said that Orochi interpreted this statement as in 20 years ago, on a moonlit night vengeance will come. 9 Samurai will appear, they will kill you and open the country’s borders. By the original statement, it seems that Shogun is related to the moon.

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