The Death Of Kurozumi Orochi – Wano’s Dawn Explained

Wano's dawn

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking Kurozumi Orochi’s death and Wano’s dawn. In the past, we have come across this phrase and also in the recent chapters, we have come across this phase even more times. So, we’ll try to see what is the meaning of this phrase.

Let’s begin this post regarding Kurozumi Orochi’s death and Wano’s dawn

Oda seems to be mentioning the Gates of Wano on every other chapter. Miss Oden said: “You are like the moon that knows of the dawn” further she said that “where 9 shadows are cast woven together through 20 years of moonlit nights, only then you shall know of the radiance of dawn”.
Wano's dawn
Kyoshiro said that Orochi interpreted this statement as in 20 years ago, on a moonlit night vengeance will come. 9 Samurai will appear, they will kill you and open the country’s borders. By the original statement, it seems that Shogun is related to the moon.

We know that that dawn means when the light of sun takes over the darkness of the night. Not one but more than one allies of the strawhats are searching for the dawn.
gates of wano
Dawn represents a new world of better virtue, and night represents torture and bad things. It seems many are trying to bring the dawn.

If we look back at the statement of Oden’s wife, she seems to be saying that Orochi is the moon which in turn signifies night and, as I said, night means bad things.
gates of wano
Also, the last line she said was the radiance of dawn, and Orochi interpreted it as opening the borders of Wano country. So, it could be said that Wano’s dawn is opening the gates of Wano. Opening Wano’s gates will bring forth a new dawn in Wano country. Just after Oden Kozuki learned about the secrets of the world, he came back to Wano and decided to open up the borders of Wano.

So, it clearly signifies that the opening of borders of Wano is somehow related to the dawn in Wano country, meaning it will kind of liberate Wano country.
Kurozumi Orochi's death
We have seen in the past that other people in One Piece other than Wano are waiting for the dawn.

If we look back to the Fishman Island arc, they too are waiting for some kind of dawn but in a different way.
Wano's dawn
In chapter 648, Luffy needed blood and even though it was illegal to donate blood to a human in Fishman Island, Jinbe stepped up and gave Luffy his blood. The narrator mentioned a quote which was all about overcoming the fear and prejudice, and learning how to co-exist in the world peacefully whether one is a fishman or a human being. Also, interestingly it was described as the path to the sun which kind of means even the path to the dawn.

So, dawn could be explained as peacefully coexisting in the world and also it told us how the dawn can be achieved.
death of Orochi
Dawn isn’t just associated in One Piece world, with Wano country or the Fishman Island but also the Ancient Kingdom and the purpose of the poneglyphs.

Both Kozuki and the Minks want to know the very secrets of their existence and that is why they are chasing this dawn.
secret of Wano
As far as Fishman are concerned, their dawn seems to be living on the surface along with human beings peacefully. So, what did Oden know about the world that made him open up the gates of Wano? In the last chapter, the small kids of Wano said that opening up the gates means that it is an act of evil, and many people around the world want what they have in Wano.

They have the false impression that hiding from the world makes their country peaceful. So, it seems that Wano and Fishman Island have one thing in common.
One Piece Wano
Both are hiding from the world and for Fishman Island, dawn means living on the surface alongside humans peacefully and for Wano dawn means opening up the gates and coexisting peacefully with other countries of the world. So, this is what opening the gates of Wano country means.

That is it from today’s post on the meaning of the phrase opening the gates of Wano and Wano’s dawn. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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