Guys today we have a comprehensive list on the Criminals organisation which have appear till date in Naruto Shippuden or Boruto. Do note that the list doesn’t include any Organisation from the movie portion of the series. Villainous organisation are quite the strong suite for Narutoverse. They often have nefarious plans and go to great lengths to try to accomplish them. Often they have strong purpose ( like the Akatsuki) or some times they are satirical. Do check out the list for your favorite Criminal Organisation. If you feel that we might have miss some organisation out do mention them in comments.


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Akatsuki is originally an organisation for Peace in the Village Hidden in Rain. This organisation is started by Team Ame orphans who want to bring Peace to the World. Initally they are successful however thanks to intervention from Danzo and Obito Uchiha they go off the rail. Tobi successfully kills most of the former member while Yahiko commits suicide so that Konan doesn’t die. “Madara” than tutors Nagato about Infinte Tsukuyomi and the Two than set about forming an extensive criminal organisation to achieve this purpose. The Canon Members are:

  • Nagato Uzumaki: Lord Pain
  • Konan: Lady Angel
  • Kabuto Yakushi(temporary)
  • Orochimaru (former)
  • Kisame Hoshigaki:
  • Itachi Uchiha: Itachi of Sharingan
  • Sasori of the Red Sand
  • Deidara
  • Obito Uchiha: Tobi/ Madara Uchiha
  • Hidan
  • Kakuzu
  • White Zetsu
  • Black Zetsu

The Members of this criminal organisation are some of the strongest S class Criminals in the series and Fan favorites. Naruto’s popularity skyrocketed thanks to these iconic Villains. Each has extremely deep and cool ideology. This Criminal Organisation wanted to achieve peace by putting World in a Genjutsu. This Genjutsu is the Infinite Tsukuyomi where everyone would achieve their dreams. There would be no loser everyone would get what they desire. But it turns out all this is Mountain of Lies and actually this would later result in World Catastrophe. An Ancient Evil arises thanks to this Organisation and mechanization of Black Zetsu.


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Originally the group’s name is Hebi which means Snake, However post facing Itachi Sasuke undergoes a change. He realizes the Truth about Itachi from his colleague “Madara”, who tells him the story behind his actions. Sasuke has a change in ideology and decides to go after the Hidden Leaf Village. The Members of this Team are:

  • Karin Uzumaki(Sensor)
  • Jugo (Protector)
  • Suigetsu Hozuki(Swordsman)
  • Sasuke Uchiha(Team Leader)

The Teams first encounter is with Killer Bee an enemy who is stronger than them by Leaps and Bounds. This mission happens thanks to an understanding between Tobi and Sasuke. Tobi explains to him that facing Konoha might not be good idea right away. They next go out and Attack the five Kage summit in order to Kill Danzo. I would say the fact that team comes alive is a testament to their strength. Especially considering the fact that most of the Strongest Shinobi alive from each village were present. Finally Taka brings closure to Fourth Great Ninja War by reviving Orochimaru who uses Edo Tensei to give a Boost to the Shinobi Force.

Jashin Cult

This cult exist in Narutoverse but we have no info about the origins. Some Believe that they are just fanatics who don’t exist, Hidan made all this stuff up. Even the Konohagakure Notes on this religion post Asuma’s death end in similar fashion. However Jashin worshipers do exist and Mirai has a role in apprehending another Such follower(Ryuk). While it’s unclear who this Jashin guy and why do people worship him. If we are to go along the lines of Otsutsuki being Gods than this guy might be another Otsutsuki. Let’s see how Boruto goes about Jashin-ism this time.

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Former Shinobi join Gengo to create a paradise for the Mercenary culture. Thanks to Naruto Uzumaki’s effort the demand for Ninjas have gone down and several of them are out of jobs. Than suddenly these left out shinobi seek the Land of Silence for the Messiah “Gengo”. Gengo wants to make Shinobi the ruling class and tries to sabotage the current system by offering much lesser price than the Shinobi Union. It Takes the right hand of the Hokage Shikamaru and his team, along with Temari to stop this Group. While another not flashy group this group is another boss-centric one. He is possibly the first Voice-Genjutsu user, who even takes down Sai and even Shikamaru(almost). Right now he is under the custody of ANBU Black ops in Konohagakure.


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Foundation is the Root of the Leaf Village. The Founder of this Root Wing of ANBU Black ops is the Right hand man of third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi Danzo Shimura. Danzo manipulates the situation from behind the scene to get Power something which ironically he lacks throughout his life. While not a Criminal Organisation on paper considering how much dirty work they have done behind scenes. They are the ones who create “Pain” and Akatsuki in the first place via backstabbing Jiraiya’s team Ame Orphans. His Foundation is full of capable shinobi. One of the member easily takes down Shisui in a sneak attack through a special Breed of Poison insect. Sai, Torune Aburame, Fuu Yamanaka, Itachi Uchiha, Yamato (former) etc are distinguish Members of the Foundation.

Mujina Bandits

Mujina Bandits were the first official action mission of the Neo Team-7. At first sight the group had sinister motives, even the leader Shojoji gets quite the character development. He is actually part of original Cannibals family. Thanks to their association he gets the “Gift” to eat people’s brain to obtain everything their memories, appearance, Jutsu etc. In fact this Gross feeling and his knowledge of Human Body made him seem like the Neo Orochimaru before he shows his Cowardly Wings. It seems the Boruto writers purposefully destroy his character development to set the stage for Kara Group.

Dark Thunder Group

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Dark Thunder Group isn’t exactly a Criminal Organisation since it starts off helping people and opposing a slavery like culture. The Kekkei Genkai wielders fight out like gladiators on coliseum off the Main Island. In fact this group takes its inspiration from Sasuke Uchiha’s Taka Group whose Scenic entry completely shakes the world. The Leader Fushin idolizes Sasuke and intends to follow in his footstep and bring about the great change. In fact however these people have chance encounter with Sasuke Uchiha who has come to investigate a special Blood Genjutsu of Chinoike Clan. There we get to know that the Mastermind hides herself(Chino) under layer so as to keep herself and organisation as she can take down anyone who dares to oppose them by backstabbing. Sasuke however during the course of the tale helps them to redeem and believe in the New World.

Nokizaru Group

Nokizaru Group is another important mercenary organization in the NarutoVerse. This group is another Parallel system to the Ninjas and the Samurais. They are Hunter-nin who are for hire only. They assassinate and retrieve baggage from the Ninjas who steal from their clients. Nokizaru Group underhand tactics without any restraint to achieve their Goals. They are highly skilled, so much that they even develop a deadly Exploding Insect Virus. Even Highly trained Medics would have tough time removing it. This group might get its due limelight during the upcoming Boruto Arcs.

Magaki Group

Magaki group is another group of Bandits who aim to rule world by obtaining a rare Kinjutsu. This Kinjutsu would allow them to weaponize Nature Energy and destroy large number of countries at will. The leader Shiranami is member of Tsuchigumo clan who enter into amnesty with Konohagakure for protection from other Villages. In return the Weapon is Safeguard and can be used by Konoha. The Members of this group are:

  • Shiranami (Leader)
  • Akaboshi
  • Benten
  • Chushin
  • Nango

These Bandits give quite the trouble to Team-7. It takes combination of two jinchuriki Utakata and Naruto to take down the Leader. While the group by itself is weak, the Leader’s Word Bind technique which allows him to control people at will. He proves to be quite the adversary though the mission is completed satisfactorily by Team-7 under Yamato’s leadership.

Byakuya Group

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Byakuya Group is Robin Hood kind of Group. They help the poor by stealing from Rich people. In Boruto Next Generation reveals that this is a part of facade, this is actually being done for gaining support. They in fact have multi-facet Strategy and the implementation is done by an extremely smart Kid Ryogi. Ryogi seems to have complicated past since he is from Land of Snow and possibly former member of Yuki clan.(the same clan of which Haku is part of). Do check out next Boruto Episode to know more about the True plan of Byakuya Gang.


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Kara is the ‘New Akatsuki’ in the Boruto. It’s a Group of extremely strong Members. Sasuke Uchiha suspects them to be on level of Otsutsuki thanks to the “Curse Marks”. Jigen the apparent leader seems to have one on his chin similar to Boruto’s Mark on the palm of his hand. The Group is segregate into two inner and outer. Right now not much is known but we might get to see some action in the Current Kara Arc. It will be quite pleasing to see some real action after the end of Naruto Shippuden.

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