The Creation Of Kashin Koji In Boruto – Explained

Creation of Kashin Koji

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a new theory about Kashin Koji in which I’ll argue that Kashin Koji is not Jiraiya nor is he Minato’s rival or anything like that. Today, I’ll be discussing a whole new aspect which in my opinion makes complete sense. This theory is about the creation of Kashin Koji. We have been making theories in the light of Naruto series but this one is entirely based on Boruto series, keeping everything that Naruto stood for intact.

Let’s begin this post regarding the creation of Kashin Koji

After thinking long and hard about Kashin Koji, I realised that we are just looking at one aspect of Kashin Koji. We all have heard theories about Kashin Koji being Jiraiya which is completely an absurd theory because their age doesn’t match up at all.
Why Jiraiya
Jiraiya said himself that he has no children in the manga. So, it makes absolutely no sense to me that Kashin Koji is Jiraiya’s son. Now, he also just cannot be Jiraiya himself because he looks way younger than him and we know that the reason Kishimoto didn’t revive him during the war was that he died a perfect death.

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