Could there be a second possible time skip?

Hey guys! As we all know that the first time skip brought a lot of changes in the whole One Piece world. So, we present a theory from Beck regarding a second possible time skip. So, sit back and enjoy.
Before the time skip, the Straw Hats get captured by Fujitora and they all get imprisoned. After hearing about the news, Sabo acts on his own to save Luffy while avoiding the orders from Monkey D. Dragon. Sabo then attacked Reverie in order to save Luffy. 20160707030328
The Revolutionary Army also acted as Blackbeard revealed the location of Baltigo. Both the sides suffered heavy losses and Sabo and Dragon both died. Sabo’s Mera Mera no Mi was taken by Blackbeard but, Coby and Luffy fought him and they got the fruit back. Meanwhile, Dragon was killed by Sakazuki, and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet aided by the Kidd and Heart Pirates saved Luffy and co.


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