Could Near have saved himself by using the Death Note?

Hi guys! We know that Death Note has ended way back but, there are still some things that aren’t clear to us.
Today, I bring a theory regarding the famous anime. I do not own this theory.
As we know, in the end Light was defeated by Near due to a mistake from Mikami Teru. Near had kept a close watch on Teru as he thought Teru had some affiliation with Kira. When the second L, aka Light, asked Near to meet him at a specific location, Light had ordered Teru not to use the Death Note at any cost before the scheduled date. But, when Takada Kiyomi got kidnapped by Mello, Teru acted on his instincts and used the Death Note to kill Takada.
This mistake led to Near finding out that Teru had a Death Note. In the anime, Near then made a plan to change all the pages of Death Note and as we know he succeeded in doing so.
But, this is where I think Near might’ve changed the original Death Note with a fake replica. He then wrote down the name of Mikami Teru in the original one, which he held in his own possession, and manipulated him into writing his and his crew’s name along with the name of every member of Light’s squad excluding Light, of course so as to prove that he’s Kira. Light was confident that he could take Near like he took down L. But, alas the tables had already turned in Near’s favour and hence, Light paid the price for a mistake he did not commit.
So, that’s it Everyone. We hope you enjoyed reading this. Leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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