Top 10 Strongest Cooperation Ninjutsu In Naruto

Cooperation Ninjutsu are those techniques which combine two or more Jutsu to create a new, and far more powerful technique. We’ve seen a lot of cooperation Ninjutsu in Naruto.
I’ve picked the 10 best Cooperation Ninjutsu that we’ve seen so far!
Let’s begin—

10. Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet
Cooperation Ninjutsu
Jiraiya and Gamabunta perform this technique. Jiraiya asks Gamabunta to spit oil and ignites it with his Flame Bullet technique. The Fire enhances the Jutsu greatly and also covers a vast area.

9. Double Lariat
Killer B and 4th Raikage performed this technique. They also formed a great tag-team. To perform this technique, both of them charge at the opponent from opposite sides at full speed. Later, they perform Lighting Release: Lariat. This technique was strong enough to blow away the head of Kisame, although it was just a clone.


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