The Connection Between Kawaki And Boruto’s Karma – Explained

But why did Kawaki and Boruto’s Karma seal activate at the same time? There is no doubt there is a connection even Kashin Koji says it clearly that “There is no doubt, they were in resonance”., when Garou asks Kawaki where did he get this sort of power from?

Kawaki replies that it wasn’t me, it was this guy. Then he further says that’s why I hate this. There are two things worth observing here.Boruto's Karma One that Boruto’s Karma and Kawaki’s Karma clearly were activated in resonance and Kawaki’s statement that it isn’t mine it was this guy. So, who in seven hells is Kawaki referring to? In my head, there are just two possibilities and characters that Kawaki is referring to here.

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