Hey guys! Hope you all are doing mighty fine. Today’s post is all about the connection between Yonko Shanks and Gorosei. In the light of the recent developments in the One Piece 907, I’m going to try and explain this suspicious connection. Also, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin.

First of all the chapter 907 was, as always, fabulous and it revealed some very interesting details. First of all, we got to know that there was this legendary pirate crew known as the Rocks which used to rule all of the seas by themselves unlike now where we have four Yonko ruling the whole sea. shanks meets GoroceiIt just tells us how big and how strong this pirate crew would have been. The second detail and the detail that we are going to discuss is the connection between Shanks and the Gorosei.

When the chapter 907 of One Piece manga came to its climax, fans were treated to yet another surprise and confusing detail.shanks Connection with Gorocei We saw Yonko Shanks with a hoodie and obviously trying to hide so that people do not recognise him. Shanks showed up at Mary Geoise and had easily set up a meeting with Gorosei.

Now, as I said earlier, Gorosei are the five elder stars of the World Government. They are at the pivotal position in the World Government. shanks celestial dragonOne can even say they control all the policies that are made and even set the targets for the Marines as to what they want them to do, and how they want them to get the things done. So, these five elder stars of the World Government have a great authority and thus would and should want to catch the Yonko Shanks.

But instead of catching him and making him suffer they seem to be treating Yonko Shanks with the utmost respect. shanks has Celestial Dragon lineageRight now there are four Yonko namely Blackbeard aka Teach, Big Mom aka Charlotte Linlin, hundred beasts Kaido and Shanks. These four Yonko are the direct opposition for the World Government.

So, why in seven hells would Gorosei treat their enemy with respect? Also, to get the power just right between Yonko and Government, World Government has appointed 7 Warlords, who are pirates but fight on the side of World Government. shanks meets five elder starsIn return Government gives them immunity. So, the appearance of Shanks is suspicious. The only way to justify him being treated like this by the five elder stars is that he has the Celestial Dragon lineage.

Well, it is possible that even though Shanks is one of the Yonko he can still have Celestial Dragon lineage. We have already seen a character being a pirate and also has Celestial Dragon lineage.shanks celestial dragon lineage Doflamingo or Joker also has been a former Warlord. So, it’s entirely possible that also Shanks has the Celestial Dragon lineage in a similar way.

Also, the Marineford war was stopped and ended when Shanks sort of ordered the Navy to end the war and unusually Navy obeyed this order by Yonko Shanks. Sengoku who was the fleet admiral at that time specifically said that we are only allowing this because it is you. celestial lineage shanksSo, here too, Shanks was given utmost respect and it makes it further clear that he is having the Celestial Dragon lineage. Otherwise, I don’t seem to find a reason why World Government treats Shanks with this level of respect.

Also, when Shanks appears in Mary Geoise, he clearly states the matter of his concern is very vital and thus needs necessary attention as soon as possible. He wants to talk about a certain pirate. Well, who is this pirate? Connection between shanks and GoroceiAnd why it is so important that Shanks had to come to Mary Geoise in person to talk about him? We will have to see how things will unfold in the next chapter, that is One Piece chapter 908.

That is it from today’s post on the connection between Shanks and Gorosei. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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