Charlotte Smoothie Powers And Devil Fruit Ability – Explained

Smoothie is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and is a Sweet Commander. She is one of the strongest female character in One Piece, but even so, her powers are still unknown to us. We only saw a glimpse of Charlotte Smoothie powers in Whole Cake Island. Today I have a theory on commander Smoothie’s powers. But first let’s talk thoroughly about Commander Smoothie.

Smoothie is the third strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates, and was the second Sweet Commanders to be shown in the Whole Cake Island Arc. She is a swordsman, and possesses a Devil Fruit who’se name as well as powers are still unknown.
Charlotte Smoothie powers
Being a Sweet Commander, Smoothie is one of the strongest members of the Big Mom Pirates and she has the third highest command in the Big Mom Pirates. Now that we have discussed who Smoothie is, let’s talk about her Devil Fruit powers.



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