Top 10 Characters With The Strongest Regeneration Powers

Regeneration is the ability to heal a person’s wounds immediately. The Regeneration Powers come in handy when facing a mighty opponent.
Here are the 10 Naruto Characters with the fastest regeneration ability.
Let’s begin—

10. Kabuto Yakushi
Regeneration Powers
Kabuto Yakushi was a spy and a medical nin. He possessed amazing healing abilities, for which Orochimaru made him his student. When he absorbed Orochimaru, he claimed he could become immortal. Kabuto’s healing powers included the power of the Great White Snake, his own healing abilities, and also Karin’s healing ability.

9. Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju was the First Hokage of the Leaf. He was known to heal without even forming any seals. His ability was so sought after, that countless Shinobi injected themselves with his DNA.


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