10 Characters That Might Possess A Devil Fruit


Devil Fruits are also called the treasures of the sea. Whoever eats them has incredible powers. We’ve seen so many Devil Fruit Users in One Piece, but there are many who don’t possess one, but they just might.
So, I have made a list of all those who fit the category.
Let’s begin —
10. Edward Weevil
Devil Fruit
Weevil is the self proclaimed son of Whitebeard and is also a Shichibukai. His bounty was frozen at 480,000,000 berries. Weevil was first introduced after the events of Dressrosa. He single handedly defeated 16 pirate crews that were affiliated with Whitebeard Pirates. Moreover, Admiral Kizaru himself stated that Weevil’s powers are as terrifying as Whitebeard in his prime, and that just might be an indication that Weevil has a Devil Fruit.

9. Ryokugyu
No Picture
Ryokugyu is one of the new Admirals. He was selected by the World Govt. through the Military Draft. He hasn’t made his appearance in the series so far, but since all other Admirals possess a Devil Fruit, I’m pretty sure he does too.


  1. Shanks can not have a DF because when Shanks was in the East Blue, he saved Luffy when Luffy was about to get killed by that stupid Sea King….. But who knows, he might ate DF when he went back to New World


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