Characters Who Could Inherit Kurama’s Powers After Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki is the current Jinchuuriki of Kurama. He is, so far, the only person who formed a bond with Kurama, and utilized its abilities to the fullest. However, we all know Naruto isn’t gonna be around forever.
So, I’ve made of list of characters who might inherit Kurama’s powers after Naruto.
Let’s begin—

5. Boruto Uzumaki
Kurama's powers
Boruto Uzumaki is Naruto’s son. He is a Genin from Konohagakure, and is also the student of Naruto’s once rival, Sasuke Uchiha. Boruto also possesses Uzumaki bloodline, and is probably the most obvious person who will inherit Kurama’s powers. He is already shown with a technique similar to the Nine Tails Chakra Mode in one of the cover arts by Boruto’s writer. He is also shown to be wielding a Byakugan in the first chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and combining it with Kurama might actually be cool.


  1. I have heard that a person with doujutsu eye can’t become a jinchuriki if a tailed beast is sealed inside a person with doujutsu eye then his/her doujutsu eye will be destroyed

    • nah I’ve never heard that before. Madara, Obito, and Hagoromo were Jinchuuriki with Dōjutsu. I didn’t see their eyes getting destroyed.

  2. Sarada 9 tails vs boruto Yeah idk who would win if boruto uses his eye and learns sage mode that vs rinnegan 9 tails sarada would be hard to see who wins but tbh sage mitsuki would be able to calm the two enraged children
    but in a fight i think mitsuki wouldnt lose but he would NOT win like seriously bruh
    now Kyubi cloak sarada rinnegan mangekyo depending ON her mangekyo and mastery of the form She would win or lose
    if they went at it in a fight-But if they add some fusion shit to naruto like omg monsters and 1 thing if boruto andsarada have a kid who inherits all of both their traits their parents traits and their grandparents traits (basically family line going up to the great grandparents) well put that against goku and we know which would obliterate the opponent
    that thing wouldnt be human it would be a literal MONSTER
    naruto sasuke boruto sarada would be destroyed by it because it has all the traits of their family line and more than just that is is 1 being it would take tremendous damage but if it is still a child it would be subdued- if that happens it would be awesome if it was evil and it had a brother like asura and indra and that just starts the naruto series all over


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