Transformations & Characters Missing In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

As a Dragon Ball fan I found this first Dragon Ball Xenoverse to be fantastic. It is probably one of the best Dragon Ball games I’ve ever played. The only problem was that there was a number of characters and forms left out.

Then a couple of weeks ago the second game comes out and suddenly we have a much bigger map. We also have more side quests and most importantly a great deal more characters.

However, after finishing the game I have noticed that there is still a great number of characters and transformations missing.

So, I have devised a list below of these said missing transformations and characters that I hope we will see in the dlc’s to come.


17. Super Trunks: 

We do get to see a number of different versions of Trunks throughout the game. Future Trunks, Time patroller Trunks, Future Tunks from Dragon Ball Super, kid Trunks and also GT Trunks. But, we don’t get to see one of the coolest super sayian transformations in super Tunks.

Yes he is incredibly slow in this form but seriously how cool was it?


16. Master Roshi:

The first master of Goku and the invertor of the Kamahamaha wave, is also one of only a few characters to have defeated Goku ever. Also, he actually has decent a part in the latest movie and in Dragon Ball Super, fighting Freizers army.


15. Freiza 2nd and 3rd Transformations:

Yes there is a number of Freiza transformations in the game already but still these transformations should be included as well.


14. Cell 2nd Transformation:

Okay so this wasn’t as cool as his perfect form but still he was also strong enough in this form to be relevant in the game.



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