The Capture of Boruto Uzumaki – Kashin Koji’s Secret Mission

Some of you might say that what is the fun of kidnapping Boruto Uzumaki, he won’t agree what Kara are doing and he won’t help them and be their vessel.
capture Boruto
But, Kawaki doesn’t like Kara too so why are they pursuing him?

The answer is simple Kara does not care whether they won’t agree with their vision because they are too damn powerful and can make them do whatever they want without their consent.
Boruto anime
If Jigen is anywhere close to Naruto’s strength then that shouldn’t be a problem. So, it is a better option for Kashin Koji if he takes Boruto Uzumaki instead of Kawaki because of the reasons that I just mentioned. So, then I think this could conclude the Kawaki arc in the manga and the new arc involving rescuing Boruto Uzumaki will begin which can be called The Boruto Retrieval Arc.

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