The Capture of Boruto Uzumaki – Kashin Koji’s Secret Mission

The experiments that Amado and Jigen were performing to acquire a new vessel which we know is Kawaki indeed.
Boruto chapter 29 spoilers
What’s so special about Kawaki that makes him a vessel? Of course, he has the karma seal which he has got through Jigen.

So, in order to be a vessel of Kara one has to have a Karma seal. Now, since Kashin Koji cannot retrieve Kawaki because he’s with Naruto,
Boruto chapter 29
why won’t he take someone else who too has the karma seal and is not under the protection of Naruto Uzumaki? So, I think that Kashin Koji will turn his attention to Naruto’s son who has Karma seal as well, Boruto Uzumaki. Yes, I do think that Kashin Koji will play it safe and kidnap Boruto Uzumaki instead of Kawaki.

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