The Capture of Boruto Uzumaki – Kashin Koji’s Secret Mission

But what if he is pure evil and just does things which make him more curious. He left Boruto and others alive because he was curious how powerful they can get.
capture of Boruto
Even a guy like Jigen trusts Koji blindly that should speak volumes about him getting the job done. Now, Kashin Koji has entered Konohagakure and is searching for Kawaki.

Obviously, he’ll get to see that Kawaki is under the protection of Naruto Uzumaki. When he sees this, he’ll know right away that he has no chance of even competing with Naruto’s shadow clone let alone real Naruto.
Boruto chapter 29 release date
So, Kashin Koji being a pretty intelligent guy I don’t think that he intends on killing himself or getting caught unnecessarily. I’m not saying that he’ll retreat and go back to Jigen and confess he couldn’t get the job done. So, here is my theory, what did Kara pay so much money for?

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