The New Captain of Big Mom Pirates – Charlotte Linlin’s Death

Captain of Big Mom Pirates

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about who is going to become the new captain of the Big Mom Pirates and why. It is obvious that the second in command of the Big Mom Pirates will become their next captain after losing Big Mom, that means Charlotte Katakuri will be the new captain of Big Mom Pirates and in this post, I’ll be telling you all why exactly that is going to happen.

Let’s begin this post regarding the new captain of Big Mom Pirates – Charlotte Katakuri

As we know, we are in the midst of Wano country arc Act 2 right now. It is just the beginning of the biggest war we will see thus far in One Piece, even bigger and more widespread than Marineford war.
Big Mom Pirates fleet
Just as Big Mom Pirates arrived at Wano country, Big Mom was sent flying down in the water along with her crew by King the Wildfire who was seen for the first time in his Pteranodon form. In the last chapter, we saw Big Mom washing up on a shore in Wano and her crew was nowhere to be seen.

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