Bounty Of The Marines If They Were Pirates

4. Fujitora
Strongest swordsmen
Fujitora the newly appointed Admiral in the Marines and was first introduced at Dressrosa. He can use two types of Haki and also is one of the strongest swordsmen in One Piece World. Fujitora is a master at using Observation Haki. He is able to tell the true nature of a person, predict an attack that is thrown at him and his Observation Haki can cover an entire island. Fujitora possesses an unnamed Paramecia type of Devil Fruit, but it is certain that his Devil Fruit allows him to control gravity at will. He was called a monster by Doflamingo and is the only one who has hurt Zoro so far in the New World. Fujitora was able to fight and overpower Luffy in Gear second and third. Also, he fought with Jack who is one of the three right-hand man of the Yonkō, Kaido.

bounty: 1,300,000,000
3. Akainu
Akainu was a former Admiral and currently is the new Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He can use two types of Haki and is a great user of Armament Haki. Akainu possesses a Logia type of Devil Fruit called Magu Magu no Mi which allows him to generate and also manipulate magma at will. With this Devil Fruit, Akainu can burn anyone’s insides, cause large-scale destruction, destroy a ship and also an iceberg with only one hit. Akainu possesses immense physical powers as he was able to fight against Whitebeard himself and even after enduring serious injuries during the fight against Whitebeard, he still fought against all the Division Commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates. Moreover, he was able to survive many quake punches of Whitebeard which shows how much endurance he has. Akainu is ruthless towards pirates and if he was a pirate that means that he will be ruthless and will kill anyone without any hesitation which will earn him even a higher bounty.

bounty: 1,500,000,000


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