Top 10 Highest Bounties In One Piece After Whole Cake Island Arc

Strawhats' new bounties

As you all of you know what bounties are and how do they work. They are extremely common in One Piece World and every renowned pirate has a bounty. In the current storyline we have seen many high bounties and today I have decided to rank them. In today’s list, I will be ranking the lowest to the highest bounties after Whole Cake Island arc.

Let’s Begin –

10. Trafalgar Law
Highest bounties after Whole Cake Island Arc
Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates and is a member of the Worst Generation. He can use two types of Haki and is a Devil Fruit user. Law possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Ope Ope no Mi which allows him to create Room in which he can alter the terrain at will. He is also an extremely powerful swordsman. Law has done many amazing things, he has beaten Vice Admiral Smoker with ease and one hit Vergo. Moreover, Law brutally injured Doflamingo during the fight at Dressrosa.

9. Don Chinjao
Don Chinjao is the former captain of the Happo Navy and is a legendary pirate from Roger’s era. He isn’t a Devil Fruit user but still is considered a powerful pirate. He made a name for himself in the New World and even at his old age people still remember him. Chinjao can use all three types of Haki which he demonstrated at Dressrosa arc. He uses a fighting style called Hasshoken, which uses Shockwaves. These attacks are extremely powerful. With this + Haki Chinjao was able to split an entire continent with one hit.

Bounty: Over 500,000,000


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