Boruto’s Author Reveals New Details About Boruto Manga And Anime

Boruto manga

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about Boruto’s author revealing various details about the Boruto manga and anime. In the recent interview, some of the very interesting details were revealed about Boruto series. Also, some people had confusion regarding Boruto’s anime making filler episodes but that is completely wrong. So, here are the details regarding this interview with Boruto’s author Ikemoto.

Let’s begin this post regarding Boruto’s author revealing interesting details about Boruto manga and anime

The very first detail that I want to talk about and discuss is that our hero Boruto Uzumaki is going to have short hair in the future.
Boruto manga
We have seen already in the pilot episode that Boruto has much lesser hair than he has right now. But I think that Ikemoto was referring to a period after the pilot episode when he is even older than 16 years. I think that at the end of the Boruto series he is going to have pretty short hair. So, we should expect to see Boruto with an altogether different hairstyle than he has right now in the near future.

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