Top 9 Boruto Characters Who Have Ultimate Healing Abilities

2. Shin Uchiha
Shin is a former test subject of Orochimaru. He has a unique ability of tissue or organ transplantation without his body rejecting them. He can transplant any organ from any clan and use its abilities as if he was naturally born with them. Since he is also a medical ninja he has an enormous amount of knowledge about the human body, in fact, he can perform a surgery on himself and replace any organ with a fresh one. He can achieve this by using his Mangekyou Sharingan.

1. Old man from Kara
He is a former member of Kara. The old man is now dead. He was killed by Kashin Koji. Since he’s dead already it is not necessary to include him on this list but it won’t do us any harm talking a bit about him. We knew that he possessed regeneration powers and that means he would have been pretty important for Kara. Kashin Koji said that his powers of regeneration were very impressive.
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