Top 9 Boruto Characters Who Have Ultimate Healing Abilities

6. Mitsuki
He is the second synthetic son the legendary Sannin Orochimaru himself. He is considered to be genetically perfect and is even better than his older brother Log, who is his synthetic brother. He also has the ability to heal other people since he is genetically perfect and we have seen that he can heal his own injuries without making hand seals.

5. Kabuto Yakushi
Kabuto Yakushi is a medical ninja. He learned medical ninjutsu from his adoptive mother , Nonō Yakushi. He showed excellent promise to be a great medic-nin when he was young. When he was with Orochimaru sama, his mentor he invented a technique called yin healing wound destruction to extend the life of Orochimaru’s test subjects and he can even use it to protect his own self when he is injured.

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