Top 10 Strongest Boruto Ninjas Without Kekkei Genkai

Not all Boruto ninjas have Kekkei Genkai abilities. Genkai is a bloodline limit technique that can either be passed down, or created by mixing two natures together. They cannot be copied by a Sharingan. Almost all top Ninja have at least one of these Kekkei Genkai, but there are some Ninja that have made name for themselves without having any Kekkei Genkai ability. Today, I’ve made a list of top 10 strongest Boruto ninjas without any Kekkei Genkai.
Let’s begin—

10. Shikamaru Naraboruto ninjas

Shikamaru is considered to be the most intelligent shinobi around, and has served as the right hand man of both the Sixth Hokage, and Seventh Hokage. He has mastered the use of Shadow Imitation technique and fought exceptionally well during the Fourth Great Ninja War. He may not have a Kekkei Genkai like others, but his intellect makes up for it.

9. Chōji Akimichi Boruto ninjas
Chōji Akimichi is said to be the strongest Akimichi Clan member in the history of Akimichi Clan. He is the only member who can transform into the butterfly mode at will. When Chōji uses this transformation, his power increases so much that he can even fight the Gedo Statue on his own. Also, Chōji doesn’t need food pills to transform into the butterfly mode. Even though he is very powerful, he has no Kekkei Genkai.

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