How Will Boruto Master Jougan – Revealed

Master Jougan

Hey guys! I am back here at TheAnimeScrolls with one of the most interesting fan theories on the how is Boruto going to master Jougan. As we all know that Jougan is the new and uniquemaster Jougan dōjutsu introduced in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and till now only Boruto Uzumaki possesses it. Boruto Uzumaki has no idea whatsoever about his dojutsu.

Boruto doesn’t even realize when he is going to master Jougan and he does not even know how to use or activate it as of yet. Today I’m going to share what I think is the reason that triggers the Jougan to activate. First, let us recapitulate when the Jougan was first shown activating.Jougan It was when Boruto Uzumaki was near Denki Kaminarimon and at that time Denki was under the influence of the negative chakra or the Nue’s chakra. Later, whenever and wherever Boruto is near a person who is under the influence of this chakra, Jougan activated on its own.

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