Boruto Episode 98 Spoilers And Release Date: The Cursed Forest

Boruto episode 98 where to watch

Shikadai will from now on not just rely on shadow possession techniques bit also the wind style ones. Enchu tried to distract him from his ninja path but thankfully he wasn’t successful. In this post, I’ll be talking about Boruto episode 98 spoilers. Also, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. Let us begin this post regarding Boruto: Naruto Next Generations spoilers.

Boruto Episode 98 Spoilers

Boruto episode 97 was titled “Shikadai’s Decision”. In this episode, we got to see Shikadai Nara in dilemma of either becoming a politician or continue training as a ninja. Enchu Nara to whom Shikamaru is somehow indebted to planted this thought of Shikadai being a politician in his head to help his clan. Also, Shikadai was reluctant to use wind style techniques until he saw what and why Denki does.

Then Shikadai Nara decided to start using and training in wind style as well as shadow possession techniques in the future. The episode seemed good but overall it seemed pointless like any other filler episode of Boruto series as there was absolutely nothing to take away from it.

Boruto episode 98 release date
Enchu Nara in Boruto episode 97

Hopefully, the new episode will be a bit better than the recent episodes.

Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations. This episode is titled “The Cursed Forest”. In this episode, we’ll see Team 15 and Team 7 going on a joint mission in the outskirts of the village, where some weird situation has taken place. The birds have been attacking the villagers in a pretty wild manner and injuring a lot of people.

This is a serious cause of concern for the people who live there. On investigating the situation, the genin teams will get to know about a creature in a cave and upon reaching the cave they’ll see a weird monster who is none other than Jugo who we all fans know very well from the Naruto series.

Boruto episode 98 spoilers
Konohamaru in Boruto episode 98

The episode seems to be pretty interesting and way better than the previous episodes. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime.

Here is the preview of Boruto episode 98:

Boruto Episode 98 Release Date

The next episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations is going to air on 17 March 2019. That is it from today’s post on Boruto episode 98 spoilers. Do subscribe to our blog and tell us what are your thoughts on today’s post in the comments section below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about anime and manga.

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