Boruto Episode 89 Spoilers And Release Date

Boruto Episode 89 Release date

Hey guys, Boruto Episode 88 was a very good episode it has some great moments in it and the animation was amazing. After a long time we got this episode it was because of the New Year and it was worth waiting for it. The upcoming episode of Boruto is better than the previous one. So, today I am here with the spoilers of Boruto episode 89.
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Boruto Episode 89

Boruto Episode 89 Spoilers

Before I begin I have to warn you that we will be entering spoiler territory here if you don’t want to be spoiled then click away from this article. Now that’s out of the way, let get started. This title of Boruto Episode 89 is “A Persistent Heart”. The episode begins with Boruto and Sarada making their way towards Kirara, who as we all know is one of the fabrications. Sarada and Boruto will fight against Kirara. Sarada start her fight Kirara and will try to activate her Sharingan but Kirara will not give her enough time to activate it. Kirara will then put Boruto and Sarada under her Genjutsu.

They both are now her toys and then tells them to fight each other to the death. It is shown that Kirara enjoys making people her puppets and likes to kill them in any way she wants to. Boruto and Sarada are fighting each other and also trying to kill each other. The episode ends. This is it for the spoilers of Boruto episode 89. All this shows us how good episode 89 of Boruto is going to be and I can’t wait for it.

Boruto Episode 89 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 89 Release Date

I want to see how this episode will turn out to be like. Also, I want to see how both Boruto and Sarada can break through from this Genjutsu. If you guys have any opinions that you might think will happen in the episode do tell me in the comment section down below. Now, Boruto Episode 89 will release this week on 13 January 2019. This is it from me and I will see you in the next one.

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