Boruto Episode 88 Release Date And Official Spoilers

Boruto Episode 88 spoilers

Hey guys, today I am here to discuss the spoilers of Boruto Episode 88. Before we begin I have to warn you that we will be entering spoiler territory and if you don’t want to be spoiled then click away from this article. Now that’s out of the way let us jump right into the spoilers of Boruto episode 88.
Let’s begin –

Boruto Episode 88

Boruto Episode 88 Spoilers

The title for Boruto Episode 88 is “Clash: Kokoyou”. In the beginning we will see Boruto, Sarada and Onoki been taken away by Kokuyo and Kirara. Their destination is Iwagakure and when they arrive there, Onoki gets surprised. The reason he is surprised is because of the condition the village is in right now because of Ku.

Onoki gets mad as hell and tells Ku to stop this madness right now but Ku doesn’t pay him any attention. Onoki tries to threaten him but still fails to convince him to stop. Ku orders Kokuyo to get rid of Boruto and Sarada. Kokuyo then puts Genjutsu in both Sarada and Boruto. Kokuyo orders them to fight to the death and they start fighting each other. They don’t know that they are under Genjutsu and also they think that the person they are fighting is an enemy. All hope seems lost for them but, Team 10 comes to rescue them and stops Kokuyo. Team 10 holds off Kokoyou and tells Boruto to move towards Ku. The fight between Kokuyo and Team 10’s Sikadai, Inojin and Chōchō begins.

Boruto Episode 88 Release date

Boruto Episode 88 Release Date

This is it for the spoilers of Boruto episode 88. If you guys have any opinions that you might think will happen in the episode do tell me in the comment section down below. Now, Boruto Episode 88 will release this week on 06 January 2019 which will be the first Boruto episode of 2019. This is it from me and I will see you in the next one.

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