Boruto Episode 69, 70, 71, 72 Full Spoilers

Boruto episode 69

Hey you all! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back here at TheAnimeScrolls with yet another brand-new schedule post for Boruto Naruto Next episode. In this post, I’ll be discussing the spoilers of Boruto episode 69, 70, 71, 72. As evident this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us get into it.

First, let’s recap a bit and see what happened in the last month in the Boruto anime. The last month was literally the turning point of this amazing anime. We got to see the best-animated episode ever in my opinion.Boruto Naruto Next Generations schedule
The episode 65 of Boruto is already in the history books and is the main reason behind the increased fanbase of Boruto anime. Also, other episodes were also much better than what we got in the previous months. So, now let’s get into the spoilers upcoming episodes in Boruto anime.

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