Boruto anime’s Remon arc is becoming more boring than expected. Again the lack of action in this shonen anime is becoming a cause of concern for all. Looking back at the last episode, Boruto episode 117 was titled “Remon’s Secret”.

In this episode, we saw how rudely Remon behaved after Konohamaru and Boruto came to her house in order to give back her handkerchief. Boruto insisted on going back as he thought something wasn’t right. After going back and after insisting Remon finally revealed her secret.

boruto episode 118 release date

Remon told them since she is a descendant of a clan assigned to protect her village she is not allowed to talk to outsiders and is also not allowed to leave the village under any circumstances. We were introduced to characters like Kankitsu Akitsuki and Asaki also had roles to play in the last episode but then again the episode lacked action. In short, the last episode was again a disappointing one.

Moving on to the upcoming episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime. I will be sharing Boruto episode 118 spoilers now, if you hate reading spoilers then I suggest that you should switch to some other post on TheAnimeScrolls. Boruto episode 118 is titled “Something That Steals Memories”.

Here is Boruto Episode 118 Preview for you all:

In the next episode, we will see Boruto Uzumaki and Konohamaru Sarutobi taking different approaches in order to see what is really wrong with Remon’s village. Konohamaru will be stopped in his tracks because his approach will be too simple but Boruto Uzumaki, on the other hand, will take a little clever approach and will observe everything secretly.

After observing things he will discover a shocking truth regarding, Kankitsu Akitsuki. There is going to be some sort of a device via which Kankitsu Akitsuki is robbing the villagers of their memories, more importantly, this allows him to manipulate each and everyone in the village.

boruto episode 118 spoilers

He might not be the only culprit there because Asaki also seems to have some sort of hand in whatever conspiracy is happening in their village. Boruto episode 118 release date is 04 August 2019. This episode seems to be lifeless as well because the spoilers look lame yet again. Do mention in the comments section below what are your thoughts regarding Boruto episode 118 spoilers. Let us hope that the new Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime episode turns out to be better than the spoilers seem to be suggesting.


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