Boruto episode 113 was a subtle episode and in my opinion, was again a waste of time. Compared to the awesome content that we get in the manga this filler stuff is really bad. In the last episode, we saw Shikadai leading the team of Shikadai, Wasabi and Iwabee as a captain. They have to retrieve a flower with a high medicinal value from a mountain and a pig assisted them to do the same.

While at first, their teamwork was all but a joke, after encountering the bandits they all worked as a team and achieved their mission. Now, talking about Boruto episode 114. Boruto episode 114 is titled “Cards Proxy War”. Here is Boruto episode 114 preview for you all:

Now, the spoilers of Boruto episode 114 will follow, so whosoever does not like to read the spoilers stay away from this post. In the new episode, we will see that how enthusiastic the kids will be regarding a card game. This is a game containing various legendary shinobi but not all of them. Shino and Rock Lee do not have a card of their own and hence battle will start regarding who among the two should have their own card. The kids will be divided into two sections some will want Shino to get his own card some will vote for Rock Lee to get his own card.

But unfortunately only one will be getting a card but the kids will fight over who will be the one. It seems that this new filler episode is also bound to be a boring episode as usual and most of the Boruto fans will not even watch it because it seems ridiculous to watch such an episode.

Boruto episode 114 release date

I hope that Boruto will start the adaptation of manga very soon. Boruto episode 114 release date is 07 July 2019 which comes on Sunday as usual. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Boruto episode 114.

Also, do mention are you enjoying the filler line of episodes or not? I’m sure you too are fed up of these filler and meaningless episodes. It is better that Boruto anime is released in seasons rather than weekly episodes because the content of manga is not much as it only comes out once a month. By the look of the spoilers, the new episode will also be a bad and meaningless one. Boruto anime is losing a lot of its fan base because of these absurd episodes. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime.


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