Boruto anime has now officially started to adapt Konoha Shinden light novel. Boruto episode 106 marked the start of this adaptation. We got to see Mirai Sarutobi for the first time in focus and Kakashi and Might Guy was also a breath of fresh air to behold unlike Chōchō arc and Mitsuki arcs. Mirai Sarutobi was very excited about this mission as she thought that it is going to be an S rank mission and would last for a couple of days only.

But it was not that in reality, it was Kakashi Hatake’s and Might Guy’s vacation and it is probably going to last for about 20 days. Mirai’s enthusiasm died down after getting to know this detail but she was still patrolling for the two legendary shinobi of Konohagakure. We also got to see Mirai in action against a petty thief. She was easily able to catch this thief using her genjutsu which obviously she will have learnt from her mother.

Now, coming to talk about the Boruto episode 107. This episode is titled “Steam Ninja Scrolls: A Battle Between Dogs and Cats!”. In this episode, we’ll see one of the awesome characters of Naruto series returning to Boruto once again after a couple of cameo roles in the series already. This character is none other than Kiba. We’ll get to see the vacation squad entering the Hot Springs district in this episode and exploring it.

They’ll come across an unusual dog-cat festival. In here they’ll meet Kiba and his girlfriend Tamaki. It is said to be a gathering of cats and dog lovers.

We’ll see the couple quarrel over some dog-cat things as one of them is a cat lover and one is a dog lover. Before they’ll know if things are going to get out of hand and everyone at the festival will become a part of this quarrel.

The Konoha Shinden arc is getting interesting, even though it doesn’t contain a lot of action it certainly is interesting to behold. Over the course of this arc, we might get to see more and more Naruto series characters appearing in Boruto which is also quite exciting.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on the ongoing Konoha Shinden arc and whether or not you find it interesting or not. I’m certainly looking forward to how it will unfold in the upcoming episodes of Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime.


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