Boruto Episode 100 was a damn good episode with a lot of fighting scenes which made it pretty good but, it wasn’t as good as the last week’s episode. Instead of being sad, I am happy that the anime is on the right track and the studio tries to make every episode great. The most notable thing in the episode was Jugo’s transformation which was done amazingly. Overall, I enjoyed every single minute of the episode. The next episode is going to be good too but it won’t be action filled.

Boruto Episode 101 Spoilers

Today, I am here with the spoilers of the next episode of Boruto. Before I begin, I have to warn you that we will be entering spoiler territory here if you don’t want to be spoiled then click away from the article. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started. The title for Boruto’s next episode is ‘
Jugo’s Reinforcements.’ In this episode, we will see Jugo passed out on the ground and his comrades, Karina and Suigetsu with him. As we all know that Curse marks are misused by some people, and we might see these people and what they want.

Boruto Episode 101 Release Date
Boruto Episode 101 Spoilers

One of the things that I like about this arc is that Sumire is getting some screen time. She is one of my favorite characters and she seems like an important character in the series. Nue is growing more and more powerful and he is being used to track down others. On the other hand, Team 7 have their hands full as they are trying to catch the perpetrator without Konohamaru in the picture. This will be a tough job to pull off and not only do they have to beat them and also have to save Jugo at the same time.

Boruto Episode 101 Release Date

Boruto Episode 101 official spoilers

This is it for the spoilers of Boruto episode 101. If you guys have any opinions that you might think will happen in the episode do tell me in the comments section down below. Boruto Episode 101 will release this week on 7 April 2019. This is it from me and I will see you in the next one.

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