Boruto Chapter 23 Spoilers

Hey guys! I’m back at TheAnimeScrolls with today’s dose of Boruto chapter 23 spoilers. The manga is getting more and more interesting. Before discussing the leaks of Boruto chapter 23, I am going to give my brief verdict on Boruto chapter 22.Boruto Chapter 23 So, before moving on to today’s topic let me issue a spoiler warning to those who hate spoilers and request them to please select another article to read at TheAnimeScrolls.

Now, there were three main highlights for me in chapter 22 of Boruto Manga. First was the epic fight between Ao and Boruto. How Boruto manages to deceive Ao was truly epic, and then use Rasengan to finish him off for good. The second was a disappointment. Boruto Chapter 23I was expecting great things from Konohamaru Sarutobi. I thought he would have a major role in battle, but as of now, he has only disappointed. The third was the appearance of Kashin Koji and his frog summoning. I was surprised when I saw it, and for me, this is the highlight of the chapter.

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