Guys we have some new spoilers regarding Boruto awakening new Dojutsu. It seems that Boruto might awaken Byakugan after all. Till now the only Dojutsu fans are expecting Boruto to awaken Jogan completely, However it seems that’s not all. After all there are few characters who awakened two dojutsus during their lifetime.(Madara too awakens Rinnegan after Sharingan awakening during his life course and Sasuke does too thanks to Sage of Six Paths). Perhaps Boruto might follow in their footstep and actually awaken two dojutsus (Byakugan and Jogan respectively).

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Possible Comparison Of Byakugan lines with Sharingan lines??

However it seems Boruto would awaken Byakugan before he consciously learns how to use Jogan. There might be some link between Tenseigan, Byakugan and Jogan similar to that of Rinnegan, Sharingan and Rinne Sharingan? We already have seen similarities of Tenseigan and Rinnegan throughout the Naruto the Last Movie. Tenseigan too can absorbs chakra see Tenketsu and Chakra pathways and further allows utilization of Truth Seeker Orbs. Tenseigan also has some parallels with the Mangeykyou Sharingan (particularly Eternal Mangeykyou Sharingan). The way he needed Hyuga’s Pure Byakugan to combine with his Otsutsuki chakra to create this dojutsu. This is very similar to the need for use of familial Sharingan eyes to evolve Mangeykyo further which restores the sight.

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Going by this pattern Jogan might have some connections and Similarities to Rinne-Sharingan. Rinne-Sharingan can open Dimensional portals. Boruto and his friends enter Nue’s dimension thanks to Jogan opening the portal. In fact Toneri himself implies in the episode that Jogan can actually traverse to Otsutsuki Home world. All the Abilities of this eye are not known yet but it reacts to opponent’s with huge chakra reserves and when Boruto helps others in changing their lives drastically. We shall see the future of the Jogan in upcoming Manga Panels.

Boruto’s Kurama Cloak and The Byakugan

Perhaps Kishimoto is hinting towards Boruto’s power-up?( thanks to Kurama chakra inheritance from his father) Especially since we are gonna see Mitsuki’s insane complete Sage Transformation. Mitsuki’s Sage Transformation is even stronger than Kabuto Yakushi in Fourth Great Ninja War. Kabuto who uses the Incomplete Sage Transformation and goes so far as to compare himself with Snake who becomes a Dragon. Boruto is a true Genius like his Grandfather and Uncle, Several people including Kakashi have said so. Perhaps this might be the power-up Boruto gets to cover the gap in skill between him and Mitsuki?

Related imageThis above picture is actually part of Boruto Manga Cover page which is one of the most common pic one would come across. Actually this picture foreshadows that Boruto perhaps might be able to activate Byakugan alongside activating Kurama’s chakra cloak?(look carefully in the pic, perhaps Kurama’s chakra strengthens Boruto’s weak inheritance of Hyuga gene which blooms to Byakugan? Perhaps it might be exclusive to his Kurama cloak. Only time will confirm this conjecture). Clearly Boruto looks Bad ass.

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