Boruto Anime Reveals The Third Otsutsuki Villain

Ever since the release of the photo which had Three Otsutsuki in it, fans have been going bananas over it. Each and everyone has been trying to guess, who the person is, however you needn’t look more. Why? Because we now have a key visual of the Third Otsutsuki. It’s quite surprising cause we haven’t seen the Third Ōtsutsuki in the manga or anything.

Earlier it was speculated that the Third Ōtsutsuki might not be canon after all. However, the visual has confirmed that the Third Ōtsutsuki might after all be appearing in the series.

A few days earlier it was announced that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be getting a side story in 2018. Now just a few days later we have this and it is very possible that this Third Otsutsuki might appear in this side story sometime next year.
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