Boruto episode 115 dropped in last week and even the latest filler episode was not worth the precious time of our lives. We again got a pointless episode which I personally again absolutely hated the last episode. Boruto episode 115 was titled “Team 25”. In this episode, we got to see what this team 25 is all about and I expected to see some of their Jutsu but alas we didn’t get to see any of it.

Kakashi Hatake the sixth Hokage of Konohagakure came across some of the complaints regarding Team 25 and decided to take a closer look at them himself. Kakashi Hatake showed up and closely monitored Team 25 while he was in his Sukea disguise get up. He had a good talking session with Taketori Houki who admires and dresses like Kakashi Hatake. There was not one scene that could get us all up of our seats and make us feel excited.

Boruto episode 116 release date

This Boruto anime as rightly pointed out by some of the fan community is very boring and some fans are now rightly skipping the non-canon episodes.

Now, enough talk about the previous episode, let us talk about the upcoming episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations. The official spoilers of Boruto episode 116 will follow now, so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away or switch to some other post on TheAnimeScrolls. Boruto episode 116 is titled “Konohamaru and Remon”.

Here is Boruto episode 116 preview for you all:

In this episode we will get to see Boruto and Konohamaru talking about love life, Konohamaru will dismiss all this by saying he has no time for all this. After this, they come across a girl named Remon who is being followed by someone. They’ll save her and upon knowing her reason to visit Konohagakure they decide to accompany her while she is in Konohagakure so that she does not feel unsafe and nobody follows her during her time in the village.

Konohamaru will start to develop feelings for this young woman because of her carefree personality. The spoilers again do not loom so interesting. This shonen anime instead of displaying some jutsu they are making Boruto anime a daily some romantic drama which is very disappointing to see. Boruto episode 116 release date is 21 July 2019. Do mention what your thoughts are regarding Boruto episode 116 spoilers in the comments section down below. Do you agree with my reviews or not do give us feedback as well.


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