Blackbeard’s Plan To Reach Raftel – Connection To Nico Robin

A Pirate who sailed to the sea has just one goal in mind, to reach the legendery island of Raftel. This island is the last island in the New World and only one person was able to reach, his name was Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. To get to this island one must have all the four Road Poneglyphs in his possesses then it will be possible to reach the island of Raftel. Today, I am going to discuss a theory on Blackbeard’s plan to reach Raftel.

Let’s begin–

Almost all the pirates in One Piece are trying to reach the island of Raftel. But the best chance of finding the Raftel is for the Yonkō, Big Mom, Shanks, Kaido and Blackbeard. Big Mom and Kaido, each one has the power and the Road Poneglyphs to reach that island.
Blackbeard's plan
Shanks doesn’t have any interest in reaching Raftel. That leaves Blackbeard, his goal is to become the pirate King just like Big Mom and Kaido. So how can he reach to the island of Raftel. As I said earlier, I will be talk about Blackbeard’s plan to reach the mythical island of Raftel.


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