Black Clover anime just started adaptation of the most interesting phase of the manga. We have already been treated to an awesome battle between Julius and Licht but that is just the trailer of what is to come. In the previous episode, we got to see Julius telling Captain Yami that Licht has got the magic stones now. Julius passed away in this episode and Captain Yami pledged to protect the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover episode 95 spoilers

Now, that Licht had the magic stones and thus he now has the ability to cast the forbidden Reincarnation Magic. After placing a couple of magic stones in the Tree of Monument and before placing the final stone, Licht’s comrades showed us how excited they were because after casting reincarnation magic they thought they’ll reach new limits of power and easily defeat the magic knights.

Then at last Licht placed the final stone in the monument which started to glow and a tremendous amount of light started to leak from it. This was what happened in the last episode, now let us discuss what is about to happen in Black Clover episode 95. Black Clover Episode 95 is titled “Reincarnation”.

Here is the preview of Black Clover Episode 95:

In this episode, we will get to see reincarnation magic and its effects. Characters like Vetto and Fana will be shown being resurrected by Patolli. Patolli will also comment that the people of Clover Kingdom deserve a sad ending and his group.

People will start to glow all of a sudden and Asta will begin to wonder what just is happening. Rhya will also start to glow and will behave weirdly and will say that the time of humans is up. Rhya will actually now be under the influence of an elf.

black Clover episode 95 release date

Even one of the favourite characters of fans like Yuno, Klaus and Hamon will also be consumed by the elves in the last episode. Now, that elves will be reincarnated the war between human beings and elves will begin. Patolli will comment that the time for revenge against human beings has come.

This war is surely going to be a delight to behold for the fans as new abilities of our dear heroes will be disclosed in this new awesome war. I personally am eager to see what Asta will have to offer throughout this arc. Black Clover episode 95 release date is 06 August 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Black Clover episode 95 spoilers.


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