The most recent chapter of Black Clover was pretty good and it was the beginning of a new fight. All these fights will be amazing to see and this will give even more hype to Black Clover manga. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in Black Clover 192. Today, I am here to give my opinion on what might happen in Black Clover 192.
Let’s begin –

Black Clover chapter 192 spoilers

Black Clover 192 Raw/Scans Spoilers

But, let us first recap on what happened in chapter 191 of Black Clover. At the beginning of the chapter the group was successful in going into the portal. Then each one of the members of the group gets separated and they are in different rooms. In each room there are elves. Each member of the group confronts an enemy. These enemies are introduced to us and the most troublesome enemy in my opinion is Sir Kaiser whose opponent is none other than Fuegoleon Vermillion. The chapter ends. Now I am going to give my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter.

At the beginning of the chapter, we will see Asta and Mimosa confronting Rill Boismortier. This will be Asta’s greatest challenge yet and he has to overcome his challenge in order to regroup with everyone. With the help of Mimosa, Asta will be able to fight against him but that will only be for a brief moment because the opponent before them is extremely powerful. Asta might be able to do something because of his swords but it will only help for small amount of time.

Black Clover chapter 192 scans

Black Clover 192 Raw/Scans Release Date

At the end of the chapter, we will see Asta in a bad position and the chapter will end. This fight of Asta will test his powers to its limits because the opponent in front of them is very powerful. This fight will also be where Asta might get a new power up. This is it from this article and if you guys have your opinion on the next chapter, tell me them in the comment section down below. Black Clover Chapter 192 leaks will release on February 8 2019 and it will officially release on 11 February 2019

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